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Ontario County Moves Forward With Nursing Home Sale Process

McGuinty implemented tough austerity measures aimed at balancing the budget. Governments around the world are facing the same problem as Ontario: how to dig themselves out of debt in a time of slow economic growth. Most are still engaged in aggressive budget-slashing. But Ms. Wynne is hoping instead that spending will spur economic growth that will in turn lead to higher revenues the classic Keynesian approach. The Ontario governments statement will emphasize spending, particularly on infrastructure, to increase economic growth. The overall infrastructure outlay $35-billion over three years will remain unchanged, but Mr.
More: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/ontarios-economic-plan-to-shift-focus-from-austerity-to-spending-and-growth/article15303331/

How Ontario is getting off coal

The other, Vern White, was an assistant commissioner with the RCMP before becoming chief of the Durham Regional Police Service in 2005 and then chief of the Ottawa force in 2007. White was appointed to clicking here the Senate last year. Marin called the probe after the death of Sammy Yatim, the 18-year-old Toronto resident who was shot by a police officer while on a TTC streetcar. The investigation will review the training received by officers at the Ontario Police College as well as look at the provincial response to recommendations that came as a result of previous inquests. Marins office has received more than 160 complaints and submissions.
More: http://www.thestar.com/news/crime/2013/11/05/ontario_ombudsman_names_former_police_chiefs_as_advisors.html

Greg Greenough, P.Geo. - a qualified person for Golder Associates and an independent qualified person within the meaning of NI 43-101 [read] for the Company. Mr. Greenough has reviewed the technical information provided in this news release and consents to the references to the Kearney Report provided here. About Ontario Graphite Limited Ontario Graphite Ltd.
More: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/11/04/idUSnMKWkZqx0a+1d0+MKW20131104

They are trying to make sure they do things right by the private sector. At the Nov. 14 meeting of the Board of Supervisors, two resolutions regarding the sale of the nursing home will be considered. The first resolution would declare the board as lead agency for the environmental review of the subdivision of an approximately 7-acre parcel of land, which includes the nursing home, from a 104-acre parcel on the south side of County Road 46, as well as the establishment of a county exemption from local zoning and subdivision requirements and the subsequent sale of the facility. The resolution also makes a negative declaration of significance for these actions, stating that they will not result in any significant adverse environmental impacts. The second resolution would declare the subdivision exempt from local zoning requirements. According to the resolution, the county is seeking immunity from the town of Hopewells regulations for subdivisions. Garvey added at Wednesdays meeting that a lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court regarding the sale of the nursing home is still pending.
More: http://www.mpnnow.com/article/20131107/NEWS/131109700/1994/NEWS

Ontario Nurses Association rep warns of service cuts if Scarborough hospitals merge

9, is a last chance to show strength before the boards of The Scarborough Hospital and Rouge Valley Health System vote on a possible merger. Frustrated as they were with hospital cuts and the prospect of more to come, nurses meeting at Birkdale Community Centre this week were dismayed by colleagues too busy or disillusioned to join their fight for services. They run away from me, knowing Im going to talk about union things, one woman told a meeting called by the Ontario Health Coalition. Others said hospital employees and members of the public arent involved because they dont think a merger will happen or cant see how theyll be affected by it. The public wants to know, What am I losing? And right now the informations not out there, said Elaine Gray, a TSH cardiology nurse. Andy Summers, regional vice president of the Ontario Nurses Association, said nurses need to talk with colleagues with a flyer in your hand. A lot of our colleagues have their head in the sand, Summers added, arguing theres no way services at both hospitals wont be cut after a merger, even though the community is told a merged hospital will enhance services.
More: http://www.insidetoronto.com/news-story/4194498-ontario-nurses-association-rep-warns-of-service-cuts-if-scarborough-hospitals-merge/

Welch is a current South Bristol Town Board member and a former member of the South Bristol Zoning Board of Appeals. Also securing town board seats were Scott Wohlschlegel with 380 votes and Alfred Carvill Kardashian with 338 votes. Robert Cone earned 347 votes and will fill a vacancy on the town board. WEST BLOOMFIELD In West Bloomfield two open town council seats went to Susan Linder, who had 440 votes, and William Travis, who had 309 votes. Laura Dustin received 224 votes.
More: http://www.mpnnow.com/article/20131106/NEWS/131109730

Although Canada has abundant wind resources, it already depends on hydroelectric power for 27 percent of its energy. The major challenge of renewables such as wind, solar and even hydro (during droughts) remains demand response, the ability to have the right amount of power whenever and wherever is needed. Until the learn more storage and transmission issues can be solved well enough to bring wind and solar to scale, cutting carbon emissions will depend on efficiency and on finding lower-carbon ways to generate power using existing infrastructure. Ontario's publicly owned power company, Ontario Power Generation (OPG), decided that biomass in the form of wood-waste pellets could supply a solution, providing "fully dispatchable" renewable energy by converting coal plants to the new fuel. But could it be done sustainably? Not all biomass is equal from a sustainability standpoint.
More: http://www.greenbiz.com/blog/2013/11/04/how-ontario-getting-coal

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